Non-Sanctioned Events
Instructions on Team Player Form/Alternate Player Pass

In March 2010, US Youth Soccer adopted the US Youth Soccer Travel Policy which included an Alternate Player Pass and a Non-US Youth Soccer Team Player Form for teams that elected to participate in a non-sanctioned event in which their State Association did not recognize the use of player passes/US Youth Soccer rosters in these non-sanctioned events.  As such, MSYSA has the following forms available on the website with instructions on how to complete both the Team Player Form and the Alternate Player Pass.

The above forms are provided as MSYSA affiliates are not authorized to use their MSYSA rosters or their player passes at non-sanctioned events as guide lined by US Youth Soccer.  Any teams using either their MSYSA roster or their player passes at a non-sanctioned event are subject to a substantial fine.  Tournament organizers have been made aware of this policy and should not accept non-authorized documents placing teams in jeopardy of being fined.   Additionally, and as stated above, MSYSA players and coaches are not covered by MSYSA insurance at non-US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments or events. 


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