Small-Sided Play

Date:               September 21, 2009

To:                   MSYSA Presidents

From:              Marie Langford, Executive Director, MSYSA

Re:                   MSYSA Small-Sided Policy



             In 2007, MSYSA expanded the requirement for small-sided play to the U11 and U12 age groups to increase developmental opportunities for young players.  Small-sided play had been required for U10 and younger teams for a number of years, with a 7v7 format and a 14 player roster limit.  The expanded policy was to be implemented over a two year period. 


Starting in seasonal year 2007-2008, all play in the U11 age group would be no more than 8v8 format, with a maximum roster size of 14.  Starting in seasonal year 2008-2009, all play in the U11 and U12 age groups be no more than 8v8 format, with a maximum roster size of 14.   


            In September 2009, the Executive Board adopted a measure to extend the small-sided requirement to tournament policy.   Effective seasonal year 2010-2011:



  • All MSYSA-sanctioned tournaments must offer only small-sided play for U12 and younger age groups; and

  • MSYSA-rostered teams aged U12 and younger may only compete in small-sided tournament play, whether in or outside of Maryland. 



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