Recreational Requirements and Important Information

Important information pertaining to MSYSA/US Youth Soccer affiliate organizations that have recreational players: 

Effective immediately, a registration window for recreational players registering to participate with an MSYSA affiliate member organization has been implemented. The purpose of the recreational player registration window is to allow any such participant to be covered by the MSYSA insurance (please review the MSYSA insurance by clicking here) during the registration widow. Please note that the individual submitting an insurance claim from an injury resulting from participation in an MSYSA sanctioned event during this registration window must be able to prove that they were in fact registered with the MSYSA affiliate organization prior to the injury occurring.

The recreational player registration window is open (and therefore MSYSA affiliate member organizations’ recreational player registrants are covered by insurance) from August 18-September 18 and March 1-April 20. Once the recreational player registration window closes on September 19 (fall season) and April 21 (spring season), only players that are successfully uploaded into the MSYSA database will be able to have their identity confirmed/verified (please see the below information).

·        Submit the recreational player spreadsheet for your organization in a timely manner: Please submit the required excel spreadsheet(s) containing the information for each of your recreational players in the format specified below as soon as you feel that the registration time-frame for each applicable season has ended. For example, for some affiliate organizations this will mean sending two or more spreadsheets each year while for others it may mean only submitting a single spreadsheet in late spring. Regardless of the frequency of your organization’s spreadsheet submission, only spreadsheets that are formatted according to the specifications as listed below will be accepted.

           Recreational Player Database Formatting Requirements

·        Payment will be required for every player listed on every spreadsheet submitted: Please know that effective immediately affiliate organizations will be charged for every name appearing on the recreational spreadsheets that are submitted to the MSYSA state office regardless of the number of players that are ultimately uploaded to the Youth Leagues database due to duplicates and/or incomplete data. Therefore, affiliate organizations are encouraged to work with their database management company/individual(s) to ensure that players are only being entered once and that players discontinuing to participate are being removed from their spreadsheet(s).

      Payment for recreational players must be accompanied by the Club Financial Accountability Form when submitted to the MSYSA state office.

·        Each affiliate organization needs to register in the Youth Leagues system every year: The individual serving as the organization’s President (or synonym title) should be sure to register their organization in the Youth Leagues system following the instructions that are provided via e-mail each fall. If an affiliate organization is not registered in the Youth Leagues database then the recreational spreadsheet(s) will not be able to be uploaded and the players will not be completely registered.

·        Spreadsheets must be uploaded into the Youth Leagues system in order for the players to be completely registered: Only once correctly formatted spreadsheets are received (along with any/all applicable payments) and uploaded into the Youth Leagues database are the players listed on the spreadsheets completely registered with the MSYSA and US Youth Soccer. Players that are not completely registered will not appear in the database and will therefore not be able to have their identity verified in the event of an insurance claim. If a player’s identity cannot be confirmed/verified in the Youth Leagues database then any potential insurance claims by that player may not be honored. This is one reason why it is important to correctly submit the spreadsheet (along with any/all applicable payments) for your recreational players in a timely manner. 

       Please click here to read the benefits to MSYSA affiliated recreational soccer players.

       Please contact the state office (    410-768-5401) if you have any questions.

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