Statement on Recruitment
Policy #092012

 Player development is a long-term process that should focus on every player’s technical ability, tactical awareness, physical, psychological and social development. The process will create quality players who learn and develop a love for the game. When the process is disrupted or there is an attempt to accelerate the process for the sake of winning, player development can be stifled. Winning is a by-product of player development; however, player development is not a by-product of winning. Youth players need time and opportunities to experiment under the mentoring of an experienced and licensed coach who has the player’s best interest in mind. 

A player has reached a mutual agreement with team officials to play on that team for the entire seasonal year.  Recruitment of youth soccer players does not necessarily enhance the development of players.  Quality player development requires consistency and a soccer environment with a focus on the process of learning the game while striving to perform at one’s best.  Players frequently switching clubs, and too often being recruited to do so, diminishes the learning experience. Although a player may choose to be released from the team at any time during the seasonal year and for any reason, recruitment of players by other team officials during the seasonal year may not be in the best interest of the player and his(her) development

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