Award History for the Maryland State Cup
Listing of all the Maryland State Cup winners and representatives at Regional and National Competitions from 1945

Updated 3/24/16

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National Championship Titles
Maryland Teams Making History

National Championship

MSYSA is proud if all of the teams that represent the State of Maryland; however the list below confirms the standards of play at the highest level and the continued success of great coaching.  These teams, whether National semi-finalists or National Champions maintain the rich tradition of soccer excellence in the State of Maryland.




Year                                        Team                                                      Coach                                     Title

1935                                       Reliable Juniors                                                                                    U19 National Champions

1945                                       Pompeii Juniors                                    Cuomo                                  U19 National Champions

1969                                       Baltimore Tom’s Produce                   Reif                                        U19 National Finalist

1970                                       Baltimore Mohawks                             Clark                                     U19 National Finalist

1971                                       Casa Bianca                                           Paccaccio                              National Finalist

1972                                       Casa Bianca                                           Paccaccio                              U19 National Finalist

1973                                       St. Elizabeth                                           Wall                                        U19 National Champions

1978                                       Pompei                                                  Caringi                                     U16 North American Semi-Finalist

1981                                       Montgomery United Ponies               Kerr                                       U16 National Champions

1982                                       Columbia Kick                                       Storch/Stara                         U16 North American & National Champions

1983                                       Montgomery United                            Kerr                                        U19 National Champions

1985                                       Columbia Jays                                       Stara/ Storch                        U19 National Champions

1986                                       Howard Challenge                               Stara/ Storch                        U16 National Finalist

1986                                       Bethesda Scorpions                             Londos/Kaminsky               U16 National Finalist

1987                                       Columbia City United                           Krupa                                     U16 National Champions

1994                                       Baltimore Spirit                                    Nesbitt                                     U19 National Champions

1996                                       Columbia City United                           Ellinger                                   U17 National Champions

1996                                       Baltimore Stars                                     Adams                                    U16 National Semi-Finalist

1997                                       Columbia City United                           Ellinger                                   U18 National Champions

1997                                       Severna Park Top Guns                       Miranda                                 U17 National Semi-Finalist

1998                                       Columbia Darby                                    Stara                                        U20 National Finalist

1998                                       Baltimore BFC                                       Cuomo                                     U19 National Finalist

1998                                       Baltimore SCB Stars                             Askew                                     U18 National Finalist

2001                                       Potomac Cougars                                 Escobar                                   U14 National Champions

2001                                       Bethesda Fury                                      Roos                                          U17 National Champions

2001                                       Baltimore Bays SC                                Mezzadra                                U17 Finalist

2001                                       Baltimore Bays SC                                Quaranta                                 U17 Finalist

2002                                       Bethesda Eclipse                                  Roos                                          U14 Finalist

2002                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                    Finalist

2002                                       Bethesda Fury                                      Roos                                          U18 Semi-Finalist

2003                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                   U15 National Champions

2003                                       Baltimore Bays                                      Adams                                     U17 National Semi-Finalist

2003                                       Bethesda Dragons                                Campbell                                U18 National Semi-Finalist

2003                                       Bethesda Excel                                     Nolan                                        U16 National Semi-Finalist

2004                                       Bethesda Excel                                     Campbell                                  U15 National Semi-Finalist

2004                                       Bethesda Excel                                     Nolan                                        U17 National Semi-Finalist

2004                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                   U16 National Champions

2006                                       Bethesda United                                  Campbell                                 U17 National Semi-Finalist

2007                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                   U14 National Champions

2008                                       Freestate United                                  Campbell                                 U19 National Semi-Finalist

2008                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols/Healy                       U18 National Academy Champions

2008                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                   U15 National Champions

2009                                       Baltimore Casa Mia Bays                     Nichols                                   U19 National Champions

2010                                       Baltimore Bays Chelsea                       Quaranta                               U15 National Champions

2011                                       Baltimore Bays Chelsea                       Nichols                                   U19 National Champions

2012                                       MSC Coyotes Green                            Gould                                       U14 National Champions   

2014                                       BCEL Bays 97/98                                                                                    U16 National Champions

2015                                       BCEL Darby 01/02                                                                                  U13 National Champions

2015                                       FC Frederick '01                                                                                      U13 National Semi-Finalist

2015                                       Fewster FC                                                                                               U15 National Semi-Finalist

2015                                       BCEL 98/99                                                                                              U16 National Champions

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