Referee Game Incident Reports

If you are involved in an incident as a referee (i.e., Referee, AR, or 4th Official) that requires you to file a report with the State Association - for referee assault, referee abuse, or coach misconduct - you need to file a report.

Click here if you need to see definitions of the terms referee assault, referee abuse, and coaches misconduct.

The report may be used for other reportable incidents also and an "other" box has been provided.

To file the report properly, Referees shall transmit a written report of the alleged assault or abuse, or both, within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident (unless there is a valid reason for later reporting) to the designee of the Organization Member and the State Referee Administrator.

For tournaments or special events, the referee shall transmit a written report to the tournament director on the day of the incident and to his home state SRA within 10 days of the incident.

The link below will open the report form for a youth match. Instructions are listed on the form.

Ckick here to report misconduct toward referees in a youth match.

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