Transfer of Teams Between Clubs

TO:  MSYSA Affiliate Clubs/Teams

DATE:  March 14, 2012
FROM:  Marie Langford, Executive Director
SUBJECT:  Transfer of Teams Between Clubs
In order to protect the interests of clubs, teams, parents and players, it is necessary that the movement of teams between clubs have a clearly defined process and procedure.
Effective March 14, 2012, the MSYSA Board of Directors adopted the following procedure for teams looking to transfer between clubs.  This procedure must be followed unless the transfer is occurring within WAGS or NCSL which have a similar policy in place.
Teams who wish to transfer clubs need to provide to MSYSA the following documents unless the transfer is within NCSL or WAGS. 
  1. Letter/e-mail from current club acknowledging that the team is leaving their club and a statement that the team is in good standing, or stating specific financial and/or disciplinary issues with the team either at the club or league level.  This document must be signed by or originate from the Club President.
  2. Letter/e-mail from gaining club stating that the team has been accepted by the gaining club.  This document must be signed by or originate from the club President
  3. Team roster from the most recent season
  4. Letter/statement signed by majority of families from roster in #3 expressing their intent and agreement to change club affiliation and remain a part of the team. 
The documents above must be submitted to the MSYSA office at for approval.

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