ODP Team Manager Position
Submission Deadline: January 5, 2016

The ODP Team Manager position is a leadership role. Parents and players look to ODP Team Managers for both accurate and timely information. ODP Team Managers are volunteers and are important ambassadors for the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). If you are interested in serving as an ODP Team Manager for the 2015 Maryland State ODP season, please contact Greg Smith (MSYSA Programs Director) programs@msysa.org.

Total Team Managers needed (male applicants for the boys teams and female applicants for the girls teams are preferred):

(Boys Training Pools)      (Girls Training Pools)

U12 (2004/5) 1                U12 (2004/5) 1

U13 (2003): 2                  U13 (2002): 2

U14 (2002): 1                  U14 (2001): 1

U15 (2001): 1                  U15 (2000): 1

U16 (2000): 1                  U16 (1999): 1

U17 (1999): 1                  U17 (1998): 1

To be considered for an ODP Team Manager position please complete and submit the following form to the MSYSA state office by January 5, 2016.

2016 Maryland State ODP Team Manager Position document

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