What does an MSYSA Registrar do?

Travel teams affiliated with the MSYSA must have team registration and rostering documents (Player ID Cards, Team Rosters, Releases, etc.) processed by a Registrar that has been assigned to the team. The assigned, or designated, Registrar must be contacted for all subsequent registration actions and travel permissions.

There are more than 30 Registrars spread throughout Maryland; each is assigned to one or more leagues. Teams that need to locate a Registrar must contact one that is assigned to their league. If the team plays in more than one league, they must contact a Registrar assigned to their Primary League (the league identified on the team’s Official Roster).
The link at the left, MSYSA Associate State Registrars, provides contact information, location, and league assignments for our current Registrars. Space does not permit inclusion of club assignments for each of the leagues, but this is also a consideration. The specific club assignments for MSYSA NCSL and WAGS teams can be found on the respective league web sites (http://www.ncsl-soccer.com/contacts/90751.html or http://www.wagsl.com/Registrars/index_E.html)
To have a Registrar assigned to your team you should first check with your Club officials. There may be a Club Representative assigned to your league that can help. Some leagues require that registration paperwork only be submitted to a Registrar through the Club Representative. If this is your first experience in preparing travel team paperwork, your Club can also be a source of help in getting it done correctly.
If your Club cannot provide assistance, then contact the State Registrar by e-mail (Registrar@msysa.org) or telephone (301.248.5993) or the State Office (410.768.5401). Please specify your Club, League, and team name.


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