2011 Maryland State Cup Application
Deadline for U13-18 State Cup Applicants - February 11, 2011 Deadline for U-19 State Cup Applicants - May 6, 2011
The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association announces the 2011 Maryland State Cup, 
a part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.
**Application link found at the end of this annoucement**
To be eligible to compete in the Maryland State Cup, a team must:
  1. Be registered with MSYSA and possess a validated roster from an MSYSA registrar;
  2. Be in good standing with MSYSA and in compliance with all US YOUTH SOCCER (USYS) rules;
  3. During the current seasonal year (9/1/108/31/11) play in an MSYSA or MSSA (Maryland State Soccer Association) sanctioned league, or other leagues sanctioned by another USYS National Association and approved by MSYSA (not applicable to U-19 teams only);
  4. Agree to honor all sponsorships/contractual obligations of MSYSA while representing MSYSA.
  5. May not also be registered to compete in the Maryland President’s Cup
Competition in all age groups and at all stages will be a single-elimination format.
  • State Cup schedules for all preliminary games will be determined by the two participating teams.  The home team will select the field based upon an approved list of fields.  Deadlines for completing each round of games are listed in the State Cup Rules.
  • Semi-final and Final Matches will be scheduled by the Cup Committee at a single site.  Semi-final matches will be scheduled for May 14th and the Finals will be played on May 21st, weather permitting.
  • State Cup matches take precedence over all other scheduled competitions, except for Region 1 Premier League and Colonial League games (Saturday games only) per the agreement by all the Region 1 state association presidents.
  • Each team must submit at least one field for approval for use during State Cup.  Site approval will be at the discretion of the Cup Committee.
The bullets below represent rules and procedures that are applicable to State Cup play, and maybe different then league play. Teams are reminded of their applicability. 
  • Players may request a "release" from a team at any time and team official cannot impede the release process when presented with a signed request for a release. Teams may not initiate the "release" of players from their rosters without the player’s consent, except under very limited conditions. Teams which have "released" players other than as set forth in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules will not be eligible for Cup play.
  • Teams should note that current US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules state that the team to which a player is first rostered is his/her team for Cup play. To play for any other team, the player must obtain a release. Under this rule, there is no distinction between "primary" and "multi-rostered" status. Therefore, the first team on whose roster the player appears (determined by registrar’s date stamp), regardless of whether their intent is to be a "primary" or a "multi-rostered" play, will be their team for Cup play.
  • Teams are reminded that all players on their roster that do not reside in Maryland must have written approval from their home state association granting permission to play on a Maryland team. Moreover, since National Championship Rules prohibit players from playing on more than one team in the National Championship Series in the same year, teams are reminded that it is their responsibility to make certain that none of their out of state players have played in any other Cup competition during the 2010-2011 seasonal year.
  • Teams MUST familiarize themselves with ALL applicable USYS Rules and MSYSA Rules.
To be accepted for State Cup play, a team must submit the Maryland State Cup On-line Entry Form. Once the State Cup On-line Entry Form is submitted, the following items must be provided to MSYSA in order for a team’s Cup Application to be considered complete:
  1. State Cup Entry Acknowledgment Form. Teams get this form when their on-line entry has been successfully submitted.
  2. Two (2) copies of official MSYSA team roster. Teams that will not be playing until the spring season and do not have an official roster at the time of the Cup application MUST have an official roster  with at least 7 players on the team with the submission of the State Cup Application, otherwise they will not be eligible for State Cup play. 
  3. State Cup entry fee of $350.00 for all age groups. Teams may pay fee by credit card as part of their initial on-line State Cup registration or mail a check to MSYSA.
  4. 4. Check for the Performance bond in the amount of $500.00 for all age groups.
  5. Field Usage fees will be paid directly to the home team prior to the game.  Field usuage fees will be listed on the approved field list for each field.  The field usuage fee will be capped at $85 for the visiting team.  Cost above $170 ($85 per team) will be the responsibility of the home team.
All fees and performance bonds shall be paid by check or money order (except for those entry fees paid on-line via credit card), payable to MSYSA-State Cup, with the team name, age group and confirmation number indicated on the check.   Performance bonds for the U-13 to U-19 age groups will not be cashed and will be shreddedat the conclusion of Cup play if the team has met all the requirements for MSYSA Cup play. Such bonds will be forfeited if a team fails to follow the requirements laid out in the Maryland State Cup Rules.
Applications for the U-14 - U18 age groups must be postmarked by February 11th, 2011.  
Applications for the U-19 age group must be postmarked by May 6th, 2011.  
Applications postmarked after these dates will not be accepted.  Metered postmark is NOT acceptable as proof of postmark. Applications must be mailed to the MSYSA office.  Hand delivered applications to the MSYSA office will be accepted. Applications sent by registered or certified mail, requiring a receipt, will not be accepted.
The Cup Draw will be held after the application process is complete at a time and place to be named later.
The Rules of the Maryland Cup Competition will be the rules governing US Youth Soccer National Championships as set forth by USYS, and supplemental provisions contained in the Maryland Cup Rules. Copies of the National Championships Rules and the Maryland Cup Rules will be provided to teams with acknowledgment of their acceptance in the Cup competition or at the Cup Draw. Teams are not permitted to enter more than one age group competition nor are they permitted to change the age group entered, once they are accepted. Maryland Cup Rules limit participation in the U-13 age group to teams who are rostered at U-13 AND a majority of whose players are U-13 (i.e., born between August 1, 1997 and July 31, 1998). Teams are reminded that players may only participate in one Cup competition during the same seasonal year. Players who were on the roster of a team that participated in another state’s Cup competition which was played during the fall, winter, or spring prior to commencement of Maryland Cup competition are not eligible to participate in Maryland Cup play. Teams using such ineligible players in Maryland Cup play will forfeit all games played, and be disqualified from further play, will forfeit their performance bond, and may be subject to further penalties. Teams are solely responsible for verifying the eligibility of all of their players.
The diagonal system of control (referee and two linesmen) using US Soccer Federation certified referees will be utilized for all Cup matches. Each team will be responsible for paying ½ of the referee fees for all of their matches, at the field site, including semi-final and final matches.  The fees below are subject to change:
Age Group                  Single Game Scheduled*                   2 or More Games Scheduled
U13]U14                                 $62.00                                                    $50.00
U15]U16                                 $68.00                                                    $55.00
U17]U19                                 $74.00                                                    $60.00
*Single Game Scheduled means that there is no other State Cup Game scheduled to be played immediately prior to or after the State Cup match.
The Cup Entry Form is available and is to be submitted on-line on the MSYSA website for the 2011 Maryland State Cup.  Clubs and leagues are responsible for notifying their teams that the Cup Entry Form is to be obtained on the MSYSA website.
Teams are advised to download and review the entire State Cup Rules.


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