Acts of Misconduct toward Referees


Coaches Misconduct (Youth Only):

Misconduct by a coach, assistant coach or team official that is a persistent statement or a physical act at a referee at a game that does not constitute assault or abuse but that mistreats a referee.  Inappropriate or unacceptable statements that include:

  • excessive incidences of foul or abusive language
  • statements that diminish the authority of the referee
  • statements or acts that serve to intimidate with threatening physical harm
  • confronting a referee without physically threatening the referee
  • spitting on the ground or air near the referee
  • throwing or kicking at item as a sign of disrespect or dissent
  • re-entering the field

Referee Abuse:

               A verbal statement or physical act NOT resulting in bodily conduct which implies or threatens harm to a referee, the referee’s property or the referee’s equipment:

  • using foul and abusive language
  • spitting AT (but not on)
  • spewing beverage on a referee or the referee’s personal property
  • verbal threats to a referee with words like, “I’ll get you after the game,” or “You won’t get out of here in one piece.”

Referee Assault:

               An intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee:

  • hitting directly or with a thrown or kicked object
  • kicking
  • punching
  • choking
  • spitting on
  • grabbing or bodily running into
  • head butting
  • damaging a referee’s uniform or personal property (e.g., car, chair)


               Use “Other” for all reports submitted that do not charge referee assault, referee abuse or coaches misconduct:

  • spectator misconduct
Filing Referee Game Incident Reports
Referee Forms/Supplemental Report Forms



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