State Cup roster size increase
U14 and U15 teams

Please be advised that on July 30, 2011 the US Youth Soccer membership met at the US Youth Soccer AGM in Phoenix, Arizona and voted to make changes to the National Championship Series (NCS) by increasing the roster size and instituting a club pass policy.  As such, the MSYSA Executive Board discussed these changes at their monthly board meeting on August 17, 2011 and adopted the suggested changes.  The expanded roster applies to U14 and U15 age group state cup rosters and may apply to U14 and U15 league rosters.  MSYSA participating leagues may have more restrictive league rules and therefore would have to change their league rules to allow an expanded league roster at U14 and U15.  This now means that U14 through U19 state cup teams can carry up to 22 players per roster.

Following is a summary of the above mentioned changes.  You can find the entire updated, comprehensive US Youth Soccer National Championships Policy on the US Youth Soccer website at

              NCS Expanded Roster:

·         The continuity of rosters did not change and remains consistent with previous years.  A team must have at least 9 players common to the roster that the team uses in league play throughout the National Championship Series.

   Club Passes:

·         A club pass enables players to move from one team to another within the club to participate in regional and national championship events.

·         A player pass can only be used within a state even if a club is affiliated in more than one state

·         A player may only be rostered to one team at each level of the NCS

·         A player would have to be properly registered and issued a club pass prior to the MSYSA state Cup freeze date to be eligible for a team that is qualified for regional or national championship play

·         The only player a team may add to its roster at the regional or national levels must be eligible players of the club

·         The 5 previously rostered player rule does not apply to players having a club pass


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