Mandatory Background Checks
Policy #071509

 TO:  MSYSA Affiliate Clubs/League Presidents


FROM:  Marie Langford, Executive Director


SUBJECT:  Mandatory Background Checks


DATE:  July 15, 2009




    Unfortunately, times have changed, lawsuits are on the rise and crime is prevalent.  The safety of our players, coaches and volunteers has and will never take a backseat to vulnerability.  While the Club is the first level in protecting the safety of the youth players, MSYSA is committed to working with the Clubs to help ensure the success of their programs and to ensure that any negative findings are properly disseminated to protect youth players throughout the state and region. 

     As part of its overall risk management program, MSYSA intends to exclude from participation in all sanctioned activities persons convicted of felonies, crimes of violence or crime against persons.  MSYSA and its affiliate clubs must have the right to perform criminal background checks of all rostered adult team officials.  MSYSA will not knowingly allow any person convicted of a felony, a crime of violence or crimes against persons to be in a position that would allow direct contact with children.

     In order for Maryland State Youth Soccer Association to ensure the highest levels of safety are being maintained with our programs, we will require all Club affiliates not using NCSI (the background vendor currently contracted by MSYSA), to provide the name of their background screening company.  MSYSA will also require the date in which the contract became effective, the date the contract expires, and the point of contact for their Club’s risk management.  In addition, affiliates not using NCSI must provide MSYSA any negative background determinations that may affect an individual’s right to participate. 

      Effective January 1, 2010, MSYSA will require all affiliated clubs to provide background checks for all rostered adult team officials.  This requirement will become one of the   benchmarks in establishing affiliates standing and could have a negative effect on their ability to participate in US Youth Soccer and state activities and events.

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